Gold Reed diffuser 1500ml

Gold Reed diffuser 1500ml


Gold Reed diffuser 1500ml in a gift box

1 black shiny vase 1500ml

1 refill 1500ml

1 pack of black reeds

Gold: A fragrance with dominating notes of aromatic, powerful Madagascar black pepper, softened by flowery overtones of the Plumeria plant and also enriched by notes of Patchouli. Gorgeous, strong, long lasting mysterious scent.

Reed diffusers are made with a high concentration of essential oils which indicates that the scent will last longer. For the maximum effect of the scent please turn the reeds over from time to time. Do not put reed diffusers on a sunny place and also in a drafty area as the scent will evaporate quicker than usually. 1500ml  reed diffuser will last up to 10 months

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